ISS Long Beach Day 1

Come say hi at Booth 157. We’ve got Know-It-Alls Tom and KC. Our lovely and multitalented staff Deb and Ashley are here too. Enter to win a commemorative Hane’s Beefy T and get a cool gift, courtesy of The Ink Kitchen.  

Love of Work: Philosophizing on the Shop Floor

I majored in Philosophy and Religion in college. I guess I am drawn to the philosophical underpinnings of what people do. Someone once told me about the concept of “love of work” that Germans have and used some expression with the German word for work “Arbeit.” I never have found where that exact expression comes from or an explanation of it anywhere. The closest I’ve
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Super Gel

My good pal KC Hruby did the art on this piece. It is a great example of being creatively thinking about some artwork and how it can go on a shirt, instead of either just sticking existing artwork on a shirt, or even picking from an existing bunch of techniques.       The artwork came through and included a signature photo of Alejandro Sanz,
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Domingo Gigante!

En honor al programa de TV de variedades Sábado Gigante bautizamos nuestros mensajes en español en The Ink Kitchen (La Cocina de Tinta) “Domingo Gigante!” Sábado Gigante es el show de TV en funcionamiento mas antiguo del mundo, 51 años y contando. Tiene una enorme audiencia en América del Norte y del Sur. El espectáculo originalmente se retransmitía los domingos y se llamaba  “Show Dominical.”
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KC Hruby

KC is a designer who specializes in graphic and apparel design and development. He has worked with brands like Adidas, Reebok, Ecko Unltd and Shady, to name a few. “I’m so grateful to be able to be part of a resource for printers. I’m especially excited about working with people new to the industry. It can be such an exciting and anxious time. The more
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