Hanes with an Innovative Approach

Hanes and Champion have a new site at hanesink.com for ordering a shirt, focused on all high schools and colleges. I guess it might cut into the businesses of a few people, but mostly it seems like it might lead to less aggravation and more business for most of us. If somebody wants a single shirt for the local high school? Hanes has 13K schools set up
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Reflections at the End of the Trade Show Season – Part II

Here is my second post, some refections as the busy trade show season is mostly over. The biggest trends of the past ten years have been related to digital printing and to concerns about the effects of printing and garments on the environment. Developments in the environmental realm seem to have slowed down, but still do continue and I assure you they will not stop. We
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Atlantic City ISS is About to Start

The Ink Kitchen will have our “Know-It-All” booth at #505. We have many industry luminaries stopping by, some cool shirts to check out, wanted and unwanted advice, recommendations for every aspect of the garment trade and decorating garments, and a few free cool gifts. For what we don’t know, we have a Magic 8 Ball. Come by and say hello please.

SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 2

Ah yes, the SGIA 2014 show. In Part 1 I made the point that boring can be ok. Putting solid machines and solid supplies on display is not such a bad idea. I’m usually skeptical about new wondrous devices and magical supplies that will solve all my problems and make me a millionaire anyway. Put a couple machines in the field, put your supplies into
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SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 1

SGIA 2014. Did I see anything new? Well not that much but that doesn’t mean at all that it was not worth attending. I saw friends. I talked to new vendors. I had time to talk face-to-face with established vendors. I got to talk shop with other owners. I got to see what is trending and what is not. I also saw some of the same
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