Long Beach Here We Come

ISS Long Beach 2018 is coming up next week. See us there at our decorator’s “hangout” where we will have tunes (vinyl only,) couches to rest those dogs and chat chat chat, and we will also have what most decorator’s pick as their social lubricant of choice (i.e. beer…) Here’s a few moments captured by our pal Ben at the 2016 show.  See you in
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Long Beach Part 1: Know-It-Alls, Ink and Level Platens (…Pallets, whatever…)

Well, the Ink Kitchen “Know-It-Alls” descended on ISS Long Beach 2016 and we had a pretty damn good time and met a whole lot of great folks that do printing and embroidery. Here’s post numero uno regarding some of what we found in Long Beach this year. We had our guide to the show, many of the companies that Tom and I partner with in our shops
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TBT – 40 Years of Hanes Beefy T’s

The Hanes Beefy T was born in 1975, 40 years ago. Hanes has collected vintage printed Beefys from back in the day that are now on display at the PPAI show and will be at the ISS Show in Long Beach later this week. Hanes is also giving away Beefy T’s with a modern yet vintage-looking print (printed by yours truly) at both shows. Stop by the Hanes/Champion
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Long Beach ISS – Know-It-All Booth

We’ll have a full Ink Kitchen crew at the Long Beach ISS show next week. We’ll have our “Know-It-All” booth in full swing as we did last year. Ask us whatever you want about any form of decorating or any garment. If we don’t know the answer, we can ask one of a hundred experts we know at the show. If it still can’t be answered,
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Domingo Gigante: I.K. Hilos

Cuando “The Know-It-All” (el sabiondo) debutó en ISS Long Beach el mes pasado recibimos una gran cantidad de elogios y preguntas sobre nuestros hilos personalizados. Esto es lo que hicimos … Creamos cuatro piezas únicas diseñadas por Rick y Tom e impresas y cosidas por ” Motion Textile” (Movimiento Textil). The “Know-It-All Hoody” (N280 NANO FULL-ZIP HOOD)   The “I.K. Cardigan” (District Made DM315) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T)