Mosiac Redux

In 2005 while trying to help raise money for Katrina disaster relief, we came up with this mosaic style design using a high density base giving the tiles some height and overprinting the various colors on top. We’ve pulled this style out of the archives with a remix for WMBR which is a community radio station in Cambridge, MA (streaming at  

Cool Packaging

I always appreciate presentation of a shirt, sometimes it is better than the shirt print itself. Mac’s Seafood in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod had some nice shirts, and the presentation was better. They used bags for mussels and put the shirts in those.

Misprint Monday – A Real Reversal

My buddy, Ms. Bonnie Kilgore once said, “Show me somebody that don’t make no mistakes, and I’ll show you somebody that ain’t doin’ nothin’.” Mistakes are going to happen despite our best efforts to avoid them. We had a four person brain freeze last week. There in plain sight is how the shirts were supposed to be printed, but we got the colors reversed on
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