Welcome to Our Kitchen

The new Ink Kitchen column was introduced in the latest issue of Wearbles.  Additionally, some thoughts on water-base ink from my buddy Dan at Forward Printing as well as my words on the printed tank worn by the cover model which was produced at Motion Textile.  Wearables is doing great things, glad to be a part of it.    

Domingo Gigante– Impresión de descarga

Debería empezar diciendo que no considero Motion Textile una compañía de impresión de descarga, pero somos muy buenos en esto. Aclaro, hay impresores que trabajan con base de agua/descarga y lo hacen de forma brillante, eficiente y rentable. Creo que la única manera de llegar ahí es porque lo eliges o te obligan a imprimir con esas tintas. Cuanto más lo haces mejor eres en
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Thoughts on Discharge

I should start by saying that I do not consider Motion Textile to be a discharge printer, but we’re pretty damn good at discharge printing.  To clarify, I’m saying that there are printers whom primarily print waterbase/discharge and do so very proficiently, efficiently, and profitably.  I think the only way to get to that place is if you choose to or are forced to print primarily
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Tee-rrific Tuesday #1

Yesterday we started a new weekly feature called “Mis-Print Monday” where we celebrate the positives that can come out of the worst of circumstances.  Today we start “Tee-Riffic Tuesday”, where we share a feel-good success story… aaaah.  I’ll start it off with one straight from the heart of yours truly: Last spring the Marketing Director from our favorite local natural foods co-op (one of our very first
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