Design Theft

My pal Andy MacDougall wrote a great article in the recent SCREENPRINTING magazine.Basically there are jerks taking everyone’s images off the internet and DTG printing them on shirts and stuff and selling what they do not own. The artist gets screwed three ways to Sunday, no money, their art is out there in a crappy low res form and they get no credit for it. This
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I met Andy MacDougal for the first time at the SGIA this year. He clearly is a talented screenprinter, a good guy and a funny guy. He has a cool website called Squeegeeville with among other things a good basic screenprinting book and simple equipment, in particular a great simple vacuum table set up for printing posters.  If you buy his book it has the plans in the
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Andy Anderson: Nashville Renaissance Man

I feel very fortunate to get to spend some time with Andy Anderson at his studio in Nashville recently. Besides being one of the best screenprinters in the world for over thirty years he also is a master at creating motorcycles that are works of art, and then as if that isn’t enough, ranging far away from Nashville he is a great underwater photographer. In
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MAGIC Monday (again)

I’m here again at the SGIA Innovation Zone in Sourcing at MAGIC, part of MAGIC Market Week.  While the show begins officially tomorrow, Sourcing is live today and SGIA has, yet again, brought together an “A” team of decorators and technologies. I’ll be posting tomorrow and Wednesday from the show but for now here’s a look at the Innovation Zone…

SGIA Journal Features a “Know-It-All”

Resident “Know-It-All” Tom Davenport is featured in the Winter ’15 SGIA Journal: Garment Edition The article takes an in-depth look at the proper pairing of substrate and print method, an all-too-often ignored aspect of garment decoration. If you are an SGIA member and received the Journal, we think the read will be well worth your time.  If not, consider joining SGIA    

SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 2

Ah yes, the SGIA 2014 show. In Part 1 I made the point that boring can be ok. Putting solid machines and solid supplies on display is not such a bad idea. I’m usually skeptical about new wondrous devices and magical supplies that will solve all my problems and make me a millionaire anyway. Put a couple machines in the field, put your supplies into
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SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 1

SGIA 2014. Did I see anything new? Well not that much but that doesn’t mean at all that it was not worth attending. I saw friends. I talked to new vendors. I had time to talk face-to-face with established vendors. I got to talk shop with other owners. I got to see what is trending and what is not. I also saw some of the same
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SGIA 2014

Stopped by the MHM booth at SGIA. I was pretty excited to hear they will have their entry level press and their oval at Long Beach ISS. They are delivering these machines already. I had seen them in the factory but now they are full in the field. The oval is one of the coolest presses I have ever seen. It is almost indefinitely expandable,
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Great Trade Show Booth

Note the beer tap in the foreground. KIWO really has the ideal booth in our industry. They have their DTS unit so you can see it working, they have their  best most knowledgeable staff, and they know how to be hospitable and friendly, and of course beer helps with that. More technical posts from the show tomorrow, SGIA 2014.